Abstract distraction

Mind and soul adrift

dreams lay bare the desire

cool water waves to quench

humidity hangs like a curtain



I dreamt of beaches afar

thousands of fish jumping

off of cresting waves

filling my hands with abundance

distracting me from the sun-scorched heat

end of summer days.

Catching each tiny color,

fins turned to wings and morph in to

butterflies moving upward

creating their own wave

brilliance set against the blue of day.

Abstract distracted thoughts

mind candy sweet

the soul through sleep complete,

rise to light streaming eyes aware

of the counting days and movement

sun and moon changing places in skies

reflected on water

bittersweet goodbyes

as time presses on

heralding soon

the autumn of our lives.

photo found:  The Divide  :  Ebiemporium ( Redbubble.com)





13 thoughts on “Abstract distraction

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  2. Trust me, I am counting sadly…but summer alive within and the stars sun and moon never leave so I have that, and you my muse of course to chart my course by and be inspired by all things beautiful and shining:)

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  3. In 2014, the autumnal equinox brings the fall season to the Northern Hemisphere on: September 22 at 10:29 P.M. We still have 21 day to enjoy the summer by calendar, but you and me, my friend have summer in our heads for the whole eternity.;) Magical words you spilled here, dear Kim.:) Love your enchanting poem.:)


  4. I might release a post later today, been wanting to publish but I didn’t want to be unfair without having the time to read everyone elses 😦


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