Peace of horizons

Somewhere at the edge of the world,

out there,


do you know where it is?

can you see it?

maybe in a rear view mirror

or rain soaked windshield?

maybe in a memory perhaps?

That glimpse,

feeling the emotion arise,

the knowing that yes,

this is it,


After a long hard journey,

that peace,

that craving fulfilled

by a vision,

a feeling as sleep settles

like a comforting blanket,

a child’s hug,

a loved ones kiss and heartfelt hug,

yes, this is it,

that moment of peace

where you could die at this moment and know,

this is all that ever really mattered after all.


“I’ve got to have a place where I can find peace of mind” Princess Diana

I have allowed the tragic day pass me, not without thought, but without the sadness that always accompanies the day of her passing.always such a big influence on my dreams and thoughts, I have always loved the good and heartfelt humanitarian effort of a fine lady,  the princess I would love to sit and dine with for my list of 3 who have passed that you would choose to be able to talk with today.


Letters from afar

You were out all night

counting stars you simply said

lost track of time

but I don’t mind

as I know you were thinking of me.

Letters from the universe

food for the soul

I thought with a smile

i count stars too

just not all night

don’t have that many fingers and toes

and only the universe knows

what hides behind the sun and moon

unlimited possibilities

infinity and beyond,

one, two , three….but do I count

the ones that fall

or will simple wishes suffice?


thoughts on my letter from the universe this late morning:

Whoohooo!! Stayed up all night counting the stars!! Thanks for indulging me with this later than normal Note:

Please don’t be alarmed, dear , as you walk down the path of life, should you ever find you suddenly don’t have the foggiest idea of how your grandest dreams will one day come to pass.

This is a good thing. A really good thing.

Just keep walking…
The Universe

Hidden within

Amongst the beauty

gentle thoughts

like the petal of silk

touching gently with a smile

hidden below

it only takes one prick

piercing suddenly

the thorn that cuts

drawing blood

leaving a trail of sadness

marring simple moments

with pain.

rise up and mend the wound

heal it with inner love,

perhaps at least to try.


on rising above words regardless.