Peace of horizons

Somewhere at the edge of the world,

out there,


do you know where it is?

can you see it?

maybe in a rear view mirror

or rain soaked windshield?

maybe in a memory perhaps?

That glimpse,

feeling the emotion arise,

the knowing that yes,

this is it,


After a long hard journey,

that peace,

that craving fulfilled

by a vision,

a feeling as sleep settles

like a comforting blanket,

a child’s hug,

a loved ones kiss and heartfelt hug,

yes, this is it,

that moment of peace

where you could die at this moment and know,

this is all that ever really mattered after all.


“I’ve got to have a place where I can find peace of mind” Princess Diana

I have allowed the tragic day pass me, not without thought, but without the sadness that always accompanies the day of her passing.always such a big influence on my dreams and thoughts, I have always loved the good and heartfelt humanitarian effort of a fine lady,  the princess I would love to sit and dine with for my list of 3 who have passed that you would choose to be able to talk with today.


4 thoughts on “Peace of horizons

  1. Every year I’ve remembered the day with sadness and at some point that turned to simple reflection on what she did as opposed to what happened to her. Growth I suppose changes and makes us wiser. To enjoy the simple pleasures:) thanks Kat 🙂

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  2. I find it elusive some days but have learned to find it in the simple things that bring me joy are also the same that give a bit of peace at the same time:)


  3. I remember the day quite vividly.

    Yes, to find peace – I believe inside myself it is an illusion. For me it is – I see it for others, but not me. I think I need to accept that fact.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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