Waltz of clouds

In tie dye dreams

the clouds moved close

whispering to my ears

the joyful sound of silence.

They moved here then there

like a waltz in blue, pink, and purples,

swirling gowns of pastels

in and out through the maze

of themselves.

Come to us and be a part

of magic and bliss

a single drop fell

to my face

as gentle as a kiss.

I held my head up as more were delivered

and I laughed like a child

as the cool water soaked away

my troubles.

Casual observer

Tiny orbs

strings invisible

she watches in wonder

the little worlds that spin

and she a casual observer

of this phenomenon.

Her dreams held

locked within each spinning circle

undulating noiselessly

the colors subtle


like tiny gifts

to open each one

miniature Pandora orbs

filled with logic and reason

and each hope she has cast aside

for later welcoming.

She watches each one

with care as if a newborn dream

might escape before fruition,

She will set them free

when the time is right,

for now she just waits

and observes.


Road before me

long paved black snake

serpentine curves

pushing through roadside beauty

goldenrod lines each side

reminded of book covers

holding the pages in.

Driving through

seems a yellow brick road

escorting me

as the scenery moves quietly by

in this morning haze

that waits to greet

the rising sun.

Blue skies smile

lavender and gold

fields of my morning meanderings

to the necessary

but light of heart

lost in thoughts of goldenrod moving

swaying as the car passes by,

waving goodbye

till homecoming hello

once more.