Close your eyes, breathe slow and deep.

Come, take my hand

lets go, quickly now…

before they find us.

The dream thieves lurk

trying to empty our coffers.

But we can go anywhere

be anything.

Close your eyes

picture yourself there,

on a mountain

or watching a splendid sun rise

emerging from the clouds

Fire above the ocean,

can you see it yet?

I feel my toes in the sand

I wiggle them one at a time, nudging a shell with my pinkie toe,

and look over there

dolphins moving in sync,

ah these magnificent sights,

a breakfast of juice and toast and aromatic cheeses

that meld with the scent of rich dark coffee.

Can you smell that? Oh it is just so good.

Where did you go, when you closed your eyes?

Where was your happy place ?

Who was there with you?

I went to the beach, then to everywhere my soul desired

a morning daydream

to make me smile.


photo taken while in Puerto Rico on a Friday morning a few months ago.



8 thoughts on “Anywhere

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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