Perception slumbers

Where does perception lay its head

when thoughts abound see

what it is that suits the need,

where does it go to hang its head

changing the mask to suit

the challenge

the war within.

What do you see

what do I see

and what lies in between the colors

black to grey

to white to silent

to empty space that lays like a field

burrowed under

and void

of sight and thought

where is perception then

a thought in the fragile head

lost deep below the waters

that drown

the spirit like a poem never born

before being tossed away

as unworthy of sight of eyes that see

the mirrored self

And nothing else

perception still

a mystery.

12 thoughts on “Perception slumbers

  1. I don’t have this kind of time either. LOL I have a full day of tutoring ahead, and will no doubt pay for the lack of sleep. I don’t know when else to do it. Have a good day too. Don’t burn yourself out. You’re too good a writer.


  2. I wish I had that kind of time to work on mine more, yesterday it was an hour and a half total interspersed through the morning and evening. Not getting enough posts in some days and I love to write so get a bit tense when I can’t . Up early today though so first email and responses then shower then blog:) have a great day:)


  3. Thanks Laine, was quite tired while comparing it, wasn’t sure if I was making sense or just exhausted rambling:) good to know it made sense:) Kim


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