Burning bright

Jars of light

sitting patiently waiting

for you to arrive,

cheerful quiet peace awaits

a glass of wine and a friend

Music to soothe the stress away,

a hand to hold

an ear to lend

we’ve been waiting for you to come

join the evening party

of that which is life.

Let us raise a toast

laughter and singing will be had

merriment we shall surely make

this corner spot

away from the world

warm humid nights

and fireflies to see

dreams to weave and happiness abound.

Come, we are waiting here for you,

the candles are lit

the jars sit pretty

flickering welcome committee

to a new moment

in your every typical day.

sit back and relax,

the party’s just starting

with you, the guest of honor

so glad you could come.

welcome my sweet friend.

Shadow moment captured

The line between light and dark

separated by the immovable

Beams of wood that cast shadows

ladder image moving up or down

side to side

the light thrust forward

leaving nowhere to hide.

I capture the moment

that moves with each second that passes

first here then there



changing shape as the day moves

and I sit here in the cool shade and ponder

the changing of the days

easy moments able to just stop

and admire

the art of natures light

gifting me with its work of art.

Thoughts as I sat on my deck watching the lines move, peaceful and easy and relaxed beyond the bars cast at my feet.