Energy of heart

Who doesn’t love to see

an image that moves in the mind,

a heart suspended

hanging from a thread

energy moving my thoughts

as I slowly adjust

to the dawn light born.

Who doesn’t love a work of art

created through soul migrating through the channels

of the artist and vibrating outward

through the hand,

one mans idea

presented in color,

the artist who puts his heart

into each piece loved

like a child.

I see the simplicity

Each stroke placed for effect and meaning,

Under the moon the fall moves in

cold mornings brisk

as the spider spins its web,

creating its own work of art

suspended in corners with almost invisible thread

reaching out into thin air

reflected in the sun that comes

to give light to the darkness,

to give hope for a spot of warmth.

Artwork: “Danseuse” by Joan Miro