Calm above breaking through

Waters lay smooth

like polished marble

reflected lights of skies above.

what lies below will grow

and at some point

break through

as it is born to fulfill its destiny

and nothing short of dying

can change this fact.

Reaching through to air



An island among nothing

yet in and of itself

so very beautiful

for the strength and tenacity

as it held firm through each storm

and stood alone proud,

Unafraid to be itself,

To be all it was meant to be.


photo credit to:  Silhouette of trees at Dawn-Luiza Boldeanu.

Beautiful remains

As seasons pass,

morning chill wrapped in woolen coat

as sun so very slowly protrudes through darkness

summers plants grow faded.

tiny flowers in corner box,

is it time to say goodbye?

Ethereal light comes to rest,

showing yet again

their loveliness,

sweet bloom glows

showing off to the cameras eye,

they shall remain for a while longer

gracing the approaching fall

with their own little gift

petals soft in the light of day,

giving me a smile

as I pass the corner where they sit

waiting for a compliment.