Calm above breaking through

Waters lay smooth

like polished marble

reflected lights of skies above.

what lies below will grow

and at some point

break through

as it is born to fulfill its destiny

and nothing short of dying

can change this fact.

Reaching through to air



An island among nothing

yet in and of itself

so very beautiful

for the strength and tenacity

as it held firm through each storm

and stood alone proud,

Unafraid to be itself,

To be all it was meant to be.


photo credit to:  Silhouette of trees at Dawn-Luiza Boldeanu.

18 thoughts on “Calm above breaking through

  1. Internet find but she has a site on fine art America as you do also and I might add you do,wonderfully beautiful work also, following, now I have to get the hubs to like that kind of art and the house would be filled:) thanks so much 🙂


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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