Queen of goodness and light

Are you out there somewhere

in your faraway land

where stars twinkle at night

and fairy tale wishes float on air.

Are you the princess of the manor

or the queen of the stately castle

all alight for the party of life,

belle of the ball,

masked and beautiful.

Are you the woman who shops at the stands

on streets of vendors, fruit and vegetables

and fresh bread steaming from corner store doors.

Are you the magical witch casting spells

of loveliness on all you meet

and those who strain to hear

your wise words and laughter.

Are you the girl with the dreams of good things,

of deserts and oceans and sand between toes,

are you the whimsical child who sends love filled

With smiles and joy

the gracious soul that gives this world light,

the lantern, the keeper of the moon

the goddess of all that is beautiful.

12 thoughts on “Queen of goodness and light

  1. All for you, to see a smile in the dark of night, to wish on stars and know that this world is filled with beautiful souls and when life gets darkest, they shine the light to guide you, for that I thank YOU my friend:)

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  2. I can’t find a proper words how lovely your poem is. Kim you are a great poet and a balm for the soul – the real goddess of goodness and light. Being your friend is a great privilege. ❤ & ⭐


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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