What’s better than…..

Peeps, get your minds out of the gutter.

i am here to talk about food, yep, food. And not just any food, but hubs BBQ variety.

now I know you all are thinking ribs, steaks, or smoked meatloaf, but you would be wrong.

Today we are here to make you hungry.

So, what’s better than a Weber grill? Hmmmm? Any guesses?

A Weber grill that cooks, you guessed it, perfect pizza.



Yes, yes, that’s right , a pizza cooker. Num num I bet you’re saying….so we have worked with the homemade dough,slathered on some fine Italian sauce, some mozzarella , Margherita fine pepperoni, some lovely Penzey spices, and some awesome chunks of hunk a hunk a burning wood. Yeah baby, real live fire….hint, please do not try this indoors, that is another story completely. So you take your tasty Za and viola:

image image


Okay, now guess what? What’s even better than that you may ask? How about TWO pizzas?

And yes, on this same grill we then cooked a fine concoction of , and I know you’re thinking out there, REALLY? But yes, really, grapes, smoked blue cheese,rosemary,olive oil, garlic, blend of hard Italian cheeses and enough lip smacking love to make a school boy blush.

image image


Yep, threw that sucker on there too. Ten minutes per pie, rotate, rotate, are you getting dizzy yet? Rotate some more and smell that goodness as it fills the neighborhood with awesomeness…too bad no neighbors live close enough to “drop in just to see what’s cooking”. And that my friends is what you call a proper dinner for two plus lunch the next day. Better than a pizzeria and one quarter the price.

and I bet you thought I was gonna talk about sex or something. Nah, this is even better…well, almost, but oooh it’s so good!



Okay,go away now, I don’t like to talk with my mouth full and no I’m not sharing!

peace and love and married to the awesome Chef who buys these nifty things so that I can actually say I helped to cook dinner for once or twice. Ten years in a pizzeria did teach me how to stretch a pretty pie.


15 thoughts on “What’s better than…..

  1. I have only been in New York City at the airport:) I am other side of the state near Buffalo:) hard to believe I live in the same state and never went to the big city:) you will love it. When you’re ready email me if you need any hints….zipsride@me.com πŸ™‚


  2. I have ordered one. I ate at Grimaldis’ in NY Friday. I’m sure your familiar with it. Absolutely the best pizza and wood fire over. Just a hint of the wood flavor in the pizza. Scrumptious!!! Lol. Have a great day my girl. πŸŒΊπŸŒΉπŸ’


  3. That’s ok, the sight of the blooms brings smiles, and last night it was hot peppers, sausage and pepperoni along with another grape and Gorgonzola πŸ™‚ rave reviews from our friends:) you need to buy one:) cooks steaks great too, grill was over 800 degrees. Nice for searing and pretty grill marks like a fancy steak house:)


  4. I must have one of these! I’ve eaten wood cooked pizza 3 times this week in NYC. It can’t be beat. Thank you, dear Kim. You deserve these. πŸ’πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒ·


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