A piece of it all

I am born

in the sunshine cast on open fields,

I am the quiet calm of circumstance

grown wild and free among my sister the Earth,

brother the moon,

I am the peace of the moment,

the whisper of wind words that blow through

the conscious mind swimming in waves of a heartbeat

sounding from under water

floating amongst it all.

I am the essence of the karma I’ve become,

the good and the bad

yin and yang

two halves making a whole

and the mind in dream

sitting relaxed.

I am a piece of it all,

the fields of birdsong

the forest of shadow and light,

the waters blue lifting

the song of a child

singing in a lonely room

company kept by friends of plastic eyes

and colored fluff,

I am here waiting thinking out loud

hoping the answers come

true to my deepest belief,

a prayer to heal

the ravages of time and testament,

a wish for life.



9 thoughts on “A piece of it all

  1. Thanks Kat, a lot of illness and issues abound. Mom goes for emergency surgery Tuesday am for an aneurism, just trying to stay positive, prayers to the world:)


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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