She is the color

Delicate leaves fall
Blanket of color upon the cool ground,
She is the color of my world,
She is the warmth
Of beauty.
Rainbow world is my illusion
Focused on the brightest days,
She has my heart
Shared with her own,
She is the piece so fragile,
She is the seasons of me.
Hand stitched emotion
Gliding in and out
Marking the path
Invisible way mesmerizing the eyes
With hidden scenes,
She is the arm of love surrounding me,
She is the keeper of the gentle smile,
She lights the world with her touch sublime,
She is the truth in a crazy world.
She silences the crowd with a sincere laughter,
They lean in to listen
The children of earth dance along
They hear her song in a frail whisper,
They hear their story
In each beat of her heart.
She echoes through dreams
Sweet lullabies
She spins her yarns and tales of mystery,
She captivates in color
Her life unfolding,
Blanket the world
In her gifts of the master.

10 thoughts on “She is the color

  1. Stunning! It is a true masterpiece. I suppose your mom was an inspiration for such marvelous poetry. Sending love over the stars, be well and stay well both of you, my friend.:)


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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