Eternal steps

Piece by piece built
Creation of spans from heart to soul
Reflections over life
Steps through years
The path moving forward
Bridging the span between two worlds.
Meeting in the middle
Friends and strangers
We all walk this journey
Treading carefully or
Flying carefree down the paths.
Watching the beauty of the scenery we pass,
Stopping to peer into the gentle waters
Or bravely swimming through the rushing white waves,
We all walk the same path,
Handling our joys and sorrows,
Treading steadfast to reach that turn
When we come through the darkness
And see the splendor of a bridge
Wondering as always what lies on
The opposite side.
We hold hands and climb
Higher and higher,
Smiling at each other
Young and old
We reach out our feet to touch the land,
The grasses soft and green
and we dance in the freedom
Of a life well lived,
Of the bridges crossed,
And remember with memories sweet
Each moment
Each friend found
Along the way.

13 thoughts on “Eternal steps

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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