Dream bearer

She comes in the black of midnight
Moonless skies thick with angry clouds,
Wind whips through windows
Curtains dance like dervishes
Frenzied lace on dresser blows.
Snuggled below feather quilt a shield
She comes with her pitcher
Filled with the dust of dreams,
Like a fine mist scattered
Enveloping me in the illusions,
Peace moves through behind closed eyes.
Body limp,decompressed as she anoints me with visions,
Sand and sun and days of a paradise land,
I wonder in awe at the lavender skies
Tinged with pink as the sun moves down,
Caressing the horizon like a lovers touch.
She touches the center between my eyes,
My forehead relaxes
Third eye awakened to beauty and wonder,
I am here breathing
A gentleness among the maelstrom,
Untouched by the storm,
Unaware almost of the outer realm,
For here she has given the brightness
To block out the unknown foe of night,
She has harnessed my dreams and lead me
To a sunrise of calm.

Photo by: Chen Wei found on Pinterest

18 thoughts on “Dream bearer

  1. yeah, I kind of do that to people you know….hope you are having a spectacular warmer day than i am….looking forward to tomorrow mornings post my friend….always….K


  2. Thanks you, photo was a Pinterest find, artist Chen Wei. Someone had asked, finally found it, now I can edit and give credit:) a poet and didn’t know it:) still sipping the coffee this am:)


  3. It didn’t say, I think it was a Pinterest thing, pulled from google search for photo of beautiful woman:) if I blow if up it looks like Chen Wei once I blow it up:)


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