Dusk of dreams

Watching the waves move
Foam carried in to touch toes,
Cool water to sunned skin
Touched for a moment
Then carried away again,
To distant dreams of salted air
The dry on lips
Residue of mighty blue
Sky and sea
No beginning or end
Azure world growing dark
With the setting of sun.
I dreamt of endless sand
Clear of life human,
Birds gone from view
Just wave upon wave
Slipping down the beach
Rippled as it trips
Over bumps of shells,
So much peace in this mind
As heart beats to the sound
Of waves crashing down.
Awake to the warmth so far away,
Woodland and darkness
Trees and leaves rustling,
Moving through the rooms
As sleep slowly slips away
Rubbing eyes to find
Grains of sand perhaps,
Pebbles of dreams left behind
Wiped away,
And I know for a while I had visited
My world of light and sun,
And tonight I would once again return
To touch the magic
Of salt air and shells,
The soothing waves to lull
The mind into bliss.

8 thoughts on “Dusk of dreams

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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