Garage sale pondering

I just don’t get it,
Really it’s true…
Big sign by the road
Garage sale…so many cars
You’d think they were selling cupcakes.
I’ve already got one so I drive on by,
There must really be a market for it
I would think,
Yet they must ask way too much
Or maybe it’s not very nice….
Days later sign gone
Yet….the garage remains.
Now why would so many stop
Yet none ever buy?
Same thing with yards,
Silly signs and crazy drivers,
Rain or shine,
Luscious green grasses
And ornamental gardens,
Yet days later,
Yep, once again the yard is still there.
Maybe I should stop in,
Just to see how high the price?
My yard is tired,
The dogs wreak havoc and I would really like
That lovely rose-bush
Or tulip garden.
But I’ve gotta run,
No time to stop ,
And I know next week the sign will be back again
As will the yard
And the garage.
Guess there’s no takers
Then again I wonder,
How the heck would they carry it home??

4 thoughts on “Garage sale pondering

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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