Black leaf filtered

A thousand leaves
Turned black
Filter of season
Contorted into a hundred bats
Cut outs
Like construction paper
And scissors
In a child’s hand,
Opening white to be sky.
Hallows eve vision
Sharp contrast
Abstract trees
With the single touch
Changing places from
Light to dark
Day to-night
Life to death.

11 thoughts on “Black leaf filtered

  1. All better 🙂 and I do enjoy the suggestions, if it helps improve I am all for it. I tend to write in flow and go, proof reading for errors and I never read it aloud, maybe I should try that 🙂 I thank you as feedback is most important to learning and improving. Thank you Graeme.


  2. With your style if minimal punctuation (which I like) it leaves (excuse the word again) room for different interpretations – my reading is based on how ‘I’ think it sounds – which, unless heard, may be rather different to your presentation and understanding. I hope that helps you to understand where I am coming from. G;)


  3. I think the ‘And’ at the start of line 6
    Could be left out and possibly another word for one of the ‘leaves’ at the start – enjoyed the read and it works well. I just thought you might like some input from me – feel free to ignore my suggestions- lovely piece and great description of the leaves and their effect. Thank you G;)


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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