Through plastic eyes
Inching along the fence
Searching for an opening
Into the realm of this eve,
Spectral lights beckon
As I remain in shadow
Feet kicking leaves
Laughter in the air
Somewhere close the owl shrieks
He hunts for prey
By the light of moon
And still I stand
They come closer
Those little souls so innocent
Ah yes, they come seeking
Searching for the treat
The candy to fill their bellies
The coin to fill their pocket.
They do not see me here
I am invisible to their vision
As they only see the door
And the bowl of pretty packages
Chocolate and wonderful things
They reach for it
Looking around in wonder
Where are the inhabitants
Who lives here in this spooky mansion,
Their fingers dipping into the bowl
To grab yet more,
But find the slime and eyes and worms
The scary things that feel so frightful,
Eeeew they scream
It’s on me
It’s touching me
What is this?
What trick is this they wonder,
You greedy beasts I say out loud
As I come from my shadows
With fangs dripping blood,
It is a treat for me
But a trick to you
I open my cape and swoop down
Barely touching the soft curls
On the princesses head,
She screams into the night
As she runs in such fright
Into the arms of the parent that waits,
Great job my friend,
What a fun scary moment
They will always remember
I beckon them to me with candy in hand
A smile dripping with strawberry jam
Ah sweet scary stories
I remember so well.

Trick or treat my friends
Watch out for the ghouls
Eat lots of candy
And I will take a Reese’s if you have any left.

Quiet surrender

I feel the earth move below me
The tides in and out
Awake or asleep
If terror harkens upon my mind
I open my eyes
Turning and walking away
As nothing here can cause pain
And I change direction
Un distracted
Moving forward to light
Leaving darkness in my wake.
In dreams I live in atmosphere
Like diamonds sparkling
Colors flowing through
Reaching out to touch each one
Bringing it in
To be a part of my whole.
In sleep there lays magic
On sandy beaches with whispering palms
And the drums beat fills the air
Native song moving
Mother Earth to sing her tune.
Thought of happiness replaces
Dark shadows of fear,
Worried memory relaxed to good
And I walk below the sun
Bronzed skin warm by the gentle caress
Of this light from within.
Alive in each moment
In silence I hear the wind
And that is all
And that is everything.

Sunset bliss

Gliding across water
Smooth flow of waves
Tight sail filled
The fins move effortlessly
Three arced dolphins
And for a moment
I am with them
Moving in tune
With the wave.
Sun falls gently down
Reflection of orange
My eyes shaded to the magnificent light
Into the water she slips
And then gone.
Wind dies and sail limp
We sit in silence
The water splashing against the hull
Rocking motion lulls the mind
Into a sense of pure emptiness
The bliss of being here
Of reaching out to wave goodbye
To the setting sun
As we turn and move towards land
As we head home
Moving softly through
The waves
To the jetty beyond.

Like sugar

Life so very sweet
I walk the white sand beach
White sugar grains so delicate
And fine beneath my feet
Like a queen visiting the shores
Of some foreign land
Where sand meets water
Meets sun
Meeting sky
And they stand and watch
My knights at attention
Feathers in place
Eyes shining and bright
And they bow before flight
Swooping their tricks in the air
And feathers move about
In shallow waters
That move against my ankles
Warm and wet.
I walk here under a morning sun
That feels cool with the breeze
And my shirt of sky colors
Blows about my frame
Forward and back
Like ocean robes
I look into the distance and see
Blue shades
Hues of memory
Patterns of waves
King Neptune calling
His mermaid home
To the depths of the mind
Treasures locked in the chest
The heart beat
A drumming of life
To the waters rhythm
Of my days
Of reclaiming myself
And a simple peace.

Thoughts on a morning walk in Siesta Key where the sand is so very fine, like sugar ground glistening and warm in an island sun.

The Law of the Sun and Stars

Energy vibrates the sky
the humid air
the silent night
Darkness comes quickly
ocean tides moving in and out
I close my eyes to the movement
as I raise my hands to catch
the mist like stars
into me.
Looking into the atmosphere
air that hangs like spanish moss
and leaves take form
we see the same
yet not quite until trading places
we agree and smile
and I think we see that which we love
ghost apparition visiting
like a long-lost friend
watching over
Out of time and space
I turn my thoughts to better things
not fears
not sadness
and looking then down to the sea
the pillars lined and long
millions of fish pool in circles and shapes
and the fisherman says something is driving them in
not something you usually see
and I am blessed for below my feet
tiny silver sails swim in and out
like eternity moving
silently under
I watch in wonder
this moment
of now.

Song of sea

I shall play a song
of water and earth
of the creatures that
swim and fly.
I shall hum a sweet tune
of the seasons and sun
of the joy that I find
all around.
I shall pluck tiny strings
that connect to the heart,
that weave through the
ocean and stars.
I shall sing to you sweetly
as day passes to night
and the words will bring forth
their beauty of truth.
I shall play to the universe
this song of the soul
gently, sweetly and true
and it will shine for my pleasure
its star filled delight
blessing me with gifts
of a celestial tune.

Of the sea

Sliding in slowly
cool water moves up
slight chill brings a smile
a small laugh
becoming one
with the blue.
Submerged in aqua shades
shimmering in the sun above
eyes adjust to view,
ears to sound distorted,
alone in my thought.
I move along exploring
the bottom endless,
to the edge so very far
I find the solitary silence
enveloping me like a child
in the invisible hold
of the earths watery womb,
I rise to the sun above
head to the sky
eyes open wide
for air to live
I inhale and exhale

I ventured into the pool yesterday in the glorious sun high above, being a mermaid in my mind. There is clear beautiful ocean here, yet I fear that which I cannot see around me….sharks mostly…so pool it is.

Life thoughts

I want to be those beautiful people
sitting on the ferry
moving seamlessly through the channel
heading for the dunes of the ocean beyond.
Transplanted people,
from where I hail
yet they are tanned and smiling
wrinkled and happy in their leather
bronze skin
kissed by the ocean winds.
I want to grow old
walking down the beach
stopping constantly to pluck a shell
or a sharks tooth
while you wait for me a little way ahead,
always patient
smiling at the prize I find.
I spend more time looking down to gaze
at the way the water that rushes over my feet
churning up treasures
foaming froth moving in and out
as I tuck another in my pocket,
my shorts wet on one side from the
abundant gifts I’ve found.
I want to be here when I grow old,
living peacefully at the water’s edge
would I buy a grand bottle
huge and open for my treasures
and tell myself it is time to move on
only once it is full,
and what of the day when the last piece
no longer fits,
I think then I would buy another
and then another
and never give up until the last treasure
is in place,
until I am ready to say
it is enough.
The waves and tide
would still move in and out
if I were no longer there
to feel the wind
to see the stars and moon,
to awake with the rising sun
moving through life
still in search of more,
never to rest
never to let it go.

thoughts after a morning walk on the beach, watching the old couples move along searching like me for the treasures at their feet, with their shovels and laughter and the peace of this place fills me with a quiet joy.

A quiet place

The silence of my thoughts
almost but not quite
I watch the sun shadows fade
my body a wound tight spring
slowly relaxed
no longer tight
at rest.
Gentle sea breeze blows
the palms lay shadow on the ground
and I breathe in and out
closing my eyes I lay
my head on this soft pillow
I give thanks
behind tired eyes
and remember the flights
the hurried airports
the cold to warmth,
and I am alive
and I can breathe this sun heat air
and I am at peace
in the now.
My minds thoughts heavy
slowly letting go
of the sadness of yesterday,
of the goodbyes never spoken.
I am thankful
and the sand beckons toes
to walk naked and find the cool
of water baptized in a new day
saved by the letting go
of going forward
of being.


And when the last flower falls
From its lofty perch,
Trickle softly on the air
Drifting down to beautify the ground below
Carpets of white
Like a soft sheet spread
A place to sleep
To dream,
Then will I remember these days
Of quiet solitude
Of memories of now,
Of a sadness that permeates
The faces,
We walk in silence
Lost in our thoughts of yesterday
Of days when you were
Of the last word spoken
Of the soul now gone.
Like the flower that falls
As all someday will
We see the beauty that remains
Until we let it slip from sight,
Then we forget how they looked
Laying at our feet waiting
To be born once more,
Waiting for that moment to rise in the wind
And move from view
Into a new place
The sweetest hope is for a peaceful journey
For a comfort of those loved,
For a sun waiting to guide you
Walking your path alone,
We wait and remember
We hold on to the tears
And cannot forget

Thoughts on a very hard day filled with sorrow of a friend gone. Peace to you B.