I am motion

Silver lined waves reflected with night
Tossing treasures in my wake
Over and under the froth dissipating
Partake in the image of the mind.

Lover of beauty before you
Open the soul to accept
Old and new captured in pages and oil
Kindness of the heart presented.

Lowering volume on life’s carnival
I search for the magic of crystalline form
Speaking in whispers to the voices within
Taking time to hear all that is not said
Enough of the energy escaping its ties
Never bound by the gag of tradition.

I flow like the ocean through life’s shortened days
Motion so fluid
Yet halting
Like the wax that slips past the candles cup,
Drifting in beauty to create design
Trickle down effect
Of the moving yet peaceful mind.

Invisible prowl

Waiting in the darkness
Stars line the sky
Fog hangs low over water
The ghosts of night move by.
Haunting leaves crackle
Swirling on the ground
Invisible wind born
Of evening storms
Coming stealthy
Like the fall,
Creeping in
Branches scratch at window screens
The cool air caught in breath
Exhale the fear like ripples,
Running down the spine.
She moves in shadows
Eyes glow in the flicker of light
Prowling feet
The brush of fur on the leg
Jumping with fright,
A hallows eve night.