Safe within

Under cover
Wood surrounds
Tiny bells sing sweet melodies
Wind whispered notes
Fall to the heart.
He sits among the leaves
At peace in pose
Watching the world
Slowly move by,
Safe within the confines of time.
Standing under canopy
Trees shed their summer finery,
leaves moving from above to down
as the fall wind blows.
Large and varied,
Reds, yellows and brown
Falling down like colored flakes
Crackling as they touch their brethren below.
The rain will come and I will wait here
Roof covering my head
Yet a safe place to watch the earth changing
In the heartbeat
Of a season
Moving through.

Stars of slumber

Night shades opened
Sliver of space
To let in just enough
Vision to dream by.
Not moving through the hours
Muscles and bones still
Breathing deep
The mind moves through
The essence of universe
Stars everywhere
All mine yet shared.
Floating alone out there
Song fills my mind
Rocket man plays off somewhere
Only in my head.
I awake to peace
Wandering out in the cool dark air
Looking up I see my dream
Everywhere above me.
The theater of thoughts
Live action star falling
I stop and smile
And think of a day perfect,
Here and now.