Dreams of tangerine

Earth, wind, and fire
Sisters stand
Against the sky
Tangerine atmosphere
Rippled and flowered
The hopes and dreams
Swirling through and around
Becoming a part of one.
Reaching out to paint the world
With thoughts spun
Sweetness like honey,
Joy the scent of citrus,
Invigorating and alive
In its essence
Of sunlight.
Midnight dreams peeled back,
Exposed to the light of
The consciousness,
Brought forth into being,
Once spoken becoming truth.
Plucking the orbs of life
Like planets in the sky,
Tiny tangerine suspended
Tree of life
Held in the hand
And inhale that which makes it

Photo: http://sevenoaksareamind.org.uk/tangerine-dream

7 thoughts on “Dreams of tangerine

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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