Simple? Questions

Life’s little challenges,
To ask ones self,
Who are you?
When you look into the mirror each morning,
Are you happy with what you see?
What are the dreams you long to live,
To have come true,
What wishes to pursue?
What is the wall
That holds the fear in,
What stops this movement
Towards all you want?
How do you move past
That which doesn’t suit,
Which hinders the progress,
Or when you look there in the looking-glass,
Is it really YOU stopping you from becoming,
From being
From getting out there and doing
And making the dreams reality.
I ask myself these and many more
And then I ask again
And again finding the root cause
Coming to the truth
Coming into knowledge
Of who
Of what
Of where I am going,
Of what is meant to be.

Not my usual fare, but just sharing some thoughts on a challenge I am taking.
Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?


Tie dye season

Surrounded by the beauty
My life is that
Of abundant color.
The eyes see the shades
The tones,
The paint swatch dream
Of natures brushed beauty.
Tie dye leaves
Fall at my feet,
Colors of autumn dreams
Brought to fruition
Wet with the icy rain one moment,
Shine with the sun rays the next.
Popping vibrancy to catch the eye
With the blend of tint
Like a colored flag
Of the season.
The hand of the universe
Lovingly colored
Strokes of the brush
Of the passage of time,
The movement of the sun
Farther away
Progression of green
To tie dye
To death.