Simple? Questions

Life’s little challenges,
To ask ones self,
Who are you?
When you look into the mirror each morning,
Are you happy with what you see?
What are the dreams you long to live,
To have come true,
What wishes to pursue?
What is the wall
That holds the fear in,
What stops this movement
Towards all you want?
How do you move past
That which doesn’t suit,
Which hinders the progress,
Or when you look there in the looking-glass,
Is it really YOU stopping you from becoming,
From being
From getting out there and doing
And making the dreams reality.
I ask myself these and many more
And then I ask again
And again finding the root cause
Coming to the truth
Coming into knowledge
Of who
Of what
Of where I am going,
Of what is meant to be.

Not my usual fare, but just sharing some thoughts on a challenge I am taking.
Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?


11 thoughts on “Simple? Questions

  1. Thanks Michael, it is part of a challenge I am doing, living positively, going out of the comfort zone and facing the fears head on, etc….I think a lot of people ask themselves the deep questions, they just don’t always answer themselves in truth which is the path to go for, truth and rising πŸ™‚


  2. Very deep stuff, Kim. I have to agree with Mike, age old ponderings. Glad that you shared them. Thank you.


  3. Thanks Kat, will look for that. I hope readers will take it and ask themselves the questions.. I am still asking myself them this morning. Smiling of course as that is a major part of what my answers will be πŸ™‚


  4. You’ll see the answer on those questions in the quote for today, my muse. πŸ˜‰ Just kidding of course. πŸ˜€ We all always wander and ask ourselves those simple? questions. Beautiful poem, my friend. I hope I’ll gave you a smile at least, because I couldn’t gave you the answers.;)


  5. I think that these questions were first asked when homo erectus pondered his image at a watering hole KL. Asking them as you have is an awareness of our consciousness and potential, though you wrote it much finer than that.


  6. What a thought provoking beautiful poem. This is a poem that goes right to your readers’ heart.and begs for honesty……………….scary.


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