Wearing time

Gold of earth wrapped
Round wrist
Keeping time with
Oil capturing
Innocence and essence
Of a moment.
She wears the seconds
Like clothing wound
Her thoughts elsewhere
She is bored
Yet amused
By the images in her mind.
Does she know
Hundred years gone
She forever immortal,
Her time frozen,
As she sits patient
Her life remains the same
Wearing her bracelet
Never tarnished
Never faded

Photo: Woman wearing a bracelet. Alfred Stevens

Among the clouds

I walked to the edge
Of a mind open to all
The space before me
Path of clouds.
I stepped to the precipice
And peering over I found
The whole of the universe
Waiting like a friend.
I moved forward
Feet light on the air of cumulus
Each second taking me
To the heights of forever.
I dove into the dream
Of a midnight moment
Wanderlust propelling me
Into the infinite.
I found the world
Of magic and space
Stars and sun embracing
The soul of the traveller
Coming home.