Moon harvesting dreams

Moon harvesting dreams
In midnight hours
The thoughts deserted
Reach in to pluck
Sweet sleeping dreams.
The shadows hide
What the silver moon sees
Caught in the act
Of silent memory.
The solitary whisper
Of ghostly voice
Haunts the shell
Of autumns coming.
Trick of the senses
Left spellbound and worn
Moving and dried
Leaves without soul.
I shall sit awhile
And play your tune
Sweeping the skies
With notes of love.
Come sweetest moon
And embrace the night skies
I wait in the dusk
For your return.


Blood moon
Guide me in the quest
Chasing dawn
Past nights overflowing
With dreams sublime.
Meager light given
Full beauty haven
Hang in the sky
You follow me
Most precious gift
Universe showering the world
With glimpse of splendor,
Orange planet peeled
Sleeping in shadow
My eyes pulled into
The orbit of you