For love of luna

Gliding into view
Peeking through
Chantilly lace clouds,
Luna sweet luna
You sing your tune
Smooth like a river
I move along on your reflection
Entranced by your cosmic glow.
How can one so love
The image of you
Lost in your cold white splendor
Mesmerized by your shy
Peek-a-boo games,
You sprinkle my stars
Sweet fairy dust floating
Surround you like a cloak of diamonds,
They too must be in love
With your beguiling self,
They too must be jealous of
Your grand light.

12 thoughts on “For love of luna

  1. this is splendid…enthralling…enchanting…the image too added to the beauty…
    “Lost in your cold white splendor…” my fave lines…very apt description


  2. A book of my own?? Or in general? I only have two I’m published in, one with 9 poems and one with a short story. Maybe I should write one πŸ™‚ thanks Laine πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Morgan, I saw the red but it was more orangish than red, I drove with her in my windshield all the way to work, even the hubs was impressed (had to drop him off) a view he doesn’t normally get to see πŸ™‚


  4. Wonderful! You inspired me (as always, my muse). I remembered a beautiful poem by one of my favourite poets (beside you) who also was enchanted with the beauty of the Luna, and wrote about it a lot.:)

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