Jeweled thoughts

In dreams
Tiny pieces shine
Standing out
Like jewels
Sun sparkling
Off of priceless thoughts.
Strung together
River runs down to connect
One stream to the next
Where emerald grass
Sits idly by the bank
And blowing gently.
Necklace lies on porcelain skin
Blanket of wealth
Your laugh sparkling
Champagne sweet
Hand cut images impact
The beggar at the ball
Watching with envy
Green eyed
Ugliness protrudes
To steal the prize.
My jeweled dreamscape interrupted
By the beauty of Luna
Wake she implores
See me
Come and play
Two am and thinking it is 8
Light so bright catching me off guard
Waving her off
Closing my eyes
Returning to the party
On the river of emeralds
The masquerade ball
Of sleep.

Thoughts on strange dreams of a ball, emeralds, rivers and banks, sleep stolen from the moon tricking me into thinking it was time to get up as it was light out like morning.

4 thoughts on “Jeweled thoughts

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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