Take me back sweet midnight dream
To the home of the heart.
It’s been so long since I’ve seen the sight
Of tiny windows
Of the happy hearth.
To sit within the walls of wood,
To read and ponder the world we’re in,
Yes, take me back to the crooked house
Where friends stop by and sit awhile
And laughter rings
Its happy chime rings,
Filling the forest
With life and mirth,
A bench waits there
For my weary frame,
To sit and watch the birds fly
To listen to the quiet
Of the heart that beats,
Longing to go back,
Longing to say hello old friend.
The dreams take me there
Walking along with the faerie lights,
Guiding me to the path
That leads into the glade,
Where there sits a little shack,
The imagination place
Where words flow like a creek after rain,
Where the heart is free
To gaze out the windows and wonder
What happens beyond this peace,
Beyond this magical place,
The world spins madly out of control,
But here,
Yes this is the home of the mind
Where nothing is out-of-place
Where beauty and joy reigns
In my palace of wood
In my slice of imagination,
In my dream of home.