Autumn wisp

Beyond the walls
The cold harsh box
Devoid of soul
Emerge to a wisp of sun
Finding me
Its warm greeting like a hug
And life begins
With the close of the door.
Walking on pavement
High grasses grow beside
Littered with dull shades
And decaying leaves trapped,
It is here in the ugliness
That beauty stands
Gently waving
Come see about me,
Tender purples serenade the soul
And a single bee buzzes merrily
On its way to visit each one
And I stop
Going back to get a better view
To touch the autumn petals,
To admire the loveliness
In the field of nothingness
Something so special
This way comes.
I feel the calm of nature
Fall over me like a cloak,
I climb into the carriage
That will take me far away
To the home of the woods,
To the heart that waits for me,
I will return tomorrow
Sweet violet bloom
See you then in the rising sun
Beside the pavement
Where the wild things grow
And beauty lies waiting
To be found.

15 thoughts on “Autumn wisp

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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