Forever captured
Like fireflies in jars
And summer sun memories,
Fires by the water
And star filled skies at night.
Held dear within
Like puppy dog kisses
The smell of sheets dried on the line,
The first kiss so very long ago
And the feelings it forever stirred.
Ocean waves and lunar eclipse
Out on the water
Dancing after midnight,
Long past bedtime back then….
New places,
New faces
And those that are now long gone,
Treasures of the heart
Leaving smiles and memories
In their wake,
Late night talks just because
To hear your voice gave such joy,
Candles lit and Christmas trees
Tears and toasts,
Hellos but never goodbyes
Just so long for now
Friends and lovers
The universe delivers
It’s gestures like gifts,
Held close to the heart
And you are always wondering
Is it you I write of or something else,
Laughingly no, this isn’t about bread,
Or about silly things instead,
Just for you
Just because
I don’t want you to wonder
If you rate like chopped liver,
This ones for you babe
Somewhere out there
Beneath the autumn sun
Hopefully dreaming
Of me too.
Always treasured
Always loved
And even better than Swiss cheese I might add.

Thoughts on my loving husband who reads my words and often wonders, what the hell is she talking about…this ones for you my dear.
I think sweetest day is coming soon…this is your card….saving money again…

16 thoughts on “Treasured

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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