Raindrop dreaming

I dreamt
And the rain fell quietly
Beyond the window,
Fresh scent
Cleansing the mind
Washing away
Leaving sweet dreams
Stray cats soft
Angora fur weaving between ankles
Touch this
Take me home
Where did you come from
Whiskered friend,
You so soft
And there came more
And I smiled
Walking towards the door
As the rain began to fall
Awaking to songs playing
Somewhere in my mind
A Canadian band
And the shades blew
The smell of earth
Blowing over sweat moistened skin.
Cat stares in the darkness
Peering out the window
To the world beyond
Mind open to a brand new day
Surrounded by hounds
And the curious cat
Nudging my dreams
With kneading paws
Leaving me refreshed
Beyond the rain falls gently
Natures alarm clock
Through opened windows.

4 thoughts on “Raindrop dreaming

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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