When I was quite young
Deciding to run far away
Let’s go I said
A big adventure
I imagined how far we would make it
As far as Saskatoon I hoped,
Not knowing where Saskatoon was….
But surely it must be close.
We packed some soda
Bottles of dr Pepper
And some cookies
A sandwich or two
As there was only so much room
And off we trod that summer morning,
Off to find our destiny.
About a half a mile, or maybe it was more like a quarter,
Parched we stopped to drink some soda
But alas, this was before the days of twist off
And there would be no cool soda
To wet our throats.
We found a creek running lightly beside the road
But being next to a field of cows
Thought it might taste a bit funny
And so declined.
Hot and tired we sat below an apple tree.
Farm houses were in the distance
We ate the cookies
Then the sandwiches,
Peanut butter and grape jelly now squished,
Maybe this wasn’t going as planned.
Do we turn around?
Do we continue on?
And what if it got dark?
No lights back then on country roads,
And packs of wayward snarling hounds
Crept through wooded places,
Just the place we were about to get to.
We chewed on a weed while pondering our fate,
And being a bit smart decided we would try again
At some later date.
We picked up our sack,
Now empty and tossed the soda,
Because what good is it without an opener
And being hot and tired,
Why carry the extra weight?
We walked back home,
Our heads hung low
Failing at our mission
To run away to foreign lands,
And the house in sight around the curve
Came home to realize that in our minds
What took all day,
Really had only taken an hour plus.
No one missed us.
No joyful welcome home…nothing.
We were sad.
As a child I always dreamed about traveling about,
Meeting people, seeing new places,
Finding the magic out there somewhere…
All grown up now I see,
That I can close my eyes and be
Wherever I long to wish,
Wherever the daydream takes me.
To see beaches and castles
And wonderful places,
And I can write about the magic,
Though not as good as being there.
If I can show you all of my dreams
Through words and pictures,
Then I am truly a lucky soul
As you are with me
On these journeys,
Running away
To that happy place
Somewhere out there.
Oh, and I always carry an opener,
Just in case.

The edge

Water lapping
Sound quiet
In bliss
Eyes closed
Birds in the distance fly.
Sand over toes
On the edge of paradise
The cusp of slumber beckons
Lulled by the peace
Of still water.

On the edge of a memory
Slipping into the motion
Waves rocking
Being a part
Of everything
And nothing,
Dreams of sand castles
And summer sun
And the place that waits
In patience for
The return.

My mind is lost here
Amongst the bliss of nature
The mighty water
Born under the sign
Wind washes through the hair
Like fingers
Gentle caress
On the edge of a moment
Slipping under
To peace.

Sand waits for ocean to come
Like a long lost love
Never forgotten,
Never far
From the edge of memory.

Slow and simple

She reaches out
Soul filled with wonder
The little things
Sweet and slow
Absorbing the gifts of life.
She takes a breath and smiles
Yes little one,
Come see the view
Water the distant companion
Calling gently
She rises and carries her pet
Feeling the water rush in and out
She moves slowly with purpose,
Searching for the treasures
Undiscovered at her feet
Laughter carried on the wind
She sets her hair free
To the salt breezes
Hold her arms up
And falls forward
Waves hold her
Water a buoy
She turns to see the sun
And sets her spirit free.