Slow and simple

She reaches out
Soul filled with wonder
The little things
Sweet and slow
Absorbing the gifts of life.
She takes a breath and smiles
Yes little one,
Come see the view
Water the distant companion
Calling gently
She rises and carries her pet
Feeling the water rush in and out
She moves slowly with purpose,
Searching for the treasures
Undiscovered at her feet
Laughter carried on the wind
She sets her hair free
To the salt breezes
Hold her arms up
And falls forward
Waves hold her
Water a buoy
She turns to see the sun
And sets her spirit free.


8 thoughts on “Slow and simple

  1. What a beautiful poem and lovely Godward’s painting, my friend!:) I can feel the atmosphere as good as I’m there just now. Thanks for transferring me in the wonderful, magical world of your words, from this reality so accurate described by Buñuel.;)


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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