The edge

Water lapping
Sound quiet
In bliss
Eyes closed
Birds in the distance fly.
Sand over toes
On the edge of paradise
The cusp of slumber beckons
Lulled by the peace
Of still water.

On the edge of a memory
Slipping into the motion
Waves rocking
Being a part
Of everything
And nothing,
Dreams of sand castles
And summer sun
And the place that waits
In patience for
The return.

My mind is lost here
Amongst the bliss of nature
The mighty water
Born under the sign
Wind washes through the hair
Like fingers
Gentle caress
On the edge of a moment
Slipping under
To peace.

Sand waits for ocean to come
Like a long lost love
Never forgotten,
Never far
From the edge of memory.

7 thoughts on “The edge

  1. My heart beats with the rhythm of your words, you know that, dear friend.:) Thank you so very much for lifting me from disappointingly malicious, gray world into that magical paradise of your poem.:)


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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