Painted life

The Lavender Letters

She sketches the ghost of a smile
Mirror reflection
Brush coaxed out
The beauty within.
She strokes on color
The palette littered
The colors of her emotion
Applied with loving care
To her blank canvas.
Age old selfie
In oils
Pigments transferred
To match the view
Of all she sees
And below the surface
That which is yet unnamed by her mind.
Still life of girl
Painted by woman
Who longs for the yesterday
Before the creases became
Part of the creation,
Before the browns turned grey,
To a time when youth was beauty
She does not see
That time changes nothing
Just slightly alters
The tones of paint,
Dulling them slightly
Peeling at edges
But still a masterpiece
To the trained eye.

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Sahara reflection

Time moves in waves
Reaching forward
Rippling in the sun
Searching for the oasis
Of the soul.
Memories flow like sand
Trickle through
Hourglass smooth
One by one falling
Into a mound
Of a remembered days.
Sun rays rise
Undulating Heat-haze vision
I see you there
Solitary form
Optic illusion
Of hope.
Green grasses wave
Fringe-like dress edge
Falling from the sheath of blue
To touch the beige brown below
Trees line the emptiness
At the edge of another day
The dance of a dream.

To the gift of dry days after rain that fall in endless succession….to the journey to happiness, to the edge of hello to friends and to stars reflected in pools of blue.