Is that you
Big brother?
Are you watching
Making it easier
For those of us failing…
With age comes many things
And many times
The eyes deceive
But today I see the light
Excitement I do feel
Larger than life,
Really really big
And wow
A gracious gift
From the word press pals
Who must have known
Ginormous words
The cheaters can rest
And I can see the words
Without strain….
What a sweetest day gift
For the tired eyes.
Jumbo print
Why didn’t I think of that?
But then my secret would be exposed
Just like the goggles
That sit on my nose
To read the sweet words
And see the nice pics,
Thank you my friends
So happy I must admit.

Photo:google images
PS do not, I repeat do not google photos of nerds in glasses….scary stuff…even without the cheaters glasses.

Littering trees

Carelessly strewn
Not a care
You throw them all about
Littering the lawn
Carpet of green covered
Reds and browns
Yellows and orange
I pick them up
You throw more down.
Every year
You never hear
The pleading
The begging
As the rake scrapes more
Wet and damp
Or dry and crackling
As the smoke rises
Your offering burns
Turning around
You give some more
And I wait
For the last one hanging
One tree empty
Hundreds more to go.