Littering trees

Carelessly strewn
Not a care
You throw them all about
Littering the lawn
Carpet of green covered
Reds and browns
Yellows and orange
I pick them up
You throw more down.
Every year
You never hear
The pleading
The begging
As the rake scrapes more
Wet and damp
Or dry and crackling
As the smoke rises
Your offering burns
Turning around
You give some more
And I wait
For the last one hanging
One tree empty
Hundreds more to go.

9 thoughts on “Littering trees

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  2. This poem is strange and kind of ironic. Personally, I think not having a traditional lawn, so you don’t have to rake leaves, is the best way to avoid feeling this way about trees.

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  3. I will send some wet rainy vibes to the sky on your behalf…we e gotten 4.2 inches october alone…i wish i could bottle it abpnd send to you πŸ™‚


  4. That time of year is just beginning here in Central California…last winter was so dry that not all the leaves fell, making the spring foliage look very strange. We are praying for rain. – Fawn

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