On the edge of thought…there comes the words

We live our precious lives
Sailing along
And take all that matters
Compressing it in our memories.
The wide expanse
Of miraculous space
Behind eyes that see
Without having to speak
We gather there
Where words slip through
Like tiny lives of their own.
They move along
Closer and closer to the edge,
Spilling on waves
Sometimes bobbing along on still waters
But eventually they will find their way
To the end of the world of silence
And try as we might
To hold them back
Over they go
Falling onto pages,
In books,
On scraps of papers,
Anywhere they find a place
To exist
To be written
The true beauty is what happens
When they fall,
Flying free
To the ends of the universe,
Where someone may chance upon
A phrase,
A page,
Something, anything,
That connects with the emotion
They feel at that very moment,
That let’s them know
Someone else may have caught a glimpse
Of their universe.
It is there,
The magical connection
Of humanity that gives birth
To a friend.
To communicate through words,
Across worlds,
In quiet corners read
Perhaps by the light of day
Or in darkened rooms lit
With candles,
We lose ourselves in this world
True magic exists
When the heart is free
To express
It’s gift of words
To the world.

Photo :
Vadim Klevenskiy

Rise full

She pulls down
Stars sucked in the vacuum
Of her feeble mind.
She holds the moon
Captured behind the bars
She tells him of her life,
Of each fear
Of each memory.
Grinding to dust,
The weakened stars glowing still,
She feeds her pet
Breakfast of illumination,
Leaving him silver to white
His light an energy vibration hum,
Lit with the magic.
He grows as each day passes
Till filled to the orb
Falls round
And she releases him to the sky
To the destiny he must fulfill,
To rise
To light her world
And perhaps to quench her fears
With his gentle presence,
To know he is alive
Because she cared.
He will summon her
His mistress
To feed his soul
And she will gather her stars
And in grinding the dust
To diamonds she will release to him
The pretties of his night
She will spread them
His mantle a cloak
Of loveliness.


Photo found at : http://sleepingunderstatues.tumblr.com/post/2787749370/i-love-remedios-varo