Citrus element shades
Of color exploding
Fall sheds her summer coat
Fading green into brilliance.
What once cast shade
Now covers the earth
As the life bleeds out
Leaving brown dust.
The feet tread on colors
Grinding them into earths crust
From whence they came
To regenerate new soil so rich.
I smile at the beauty I see
And long for the return
Spring greens trumpet
New seasons once more.
But she has her moment
Sweet Fall a show complete
Red carpet ready turns
To anorexic naked branch of winter
Before the snow-white blanket
comes to call.

Soul free

Lay bare the soul
To the waking sun,
Greet the day
With a smile,
Open your arms
To what will be
Embrace the peace
Of now.
Sing of life
To the air around
Carried on wind
Lifted high,
Open the mind
To the promise
Of a beautiful moment
That will come.
Send love to the world
Through vision
Give hope to the
Starving heart.
With a soul that’s free
Sun shining on me
In a dream of waking
Of life.

To waking with a happy heart, the joy and beauty of friends and laughter shared like a ray of sun.