And when the last flower falls
From its lofty perch,
Trickle softly on the air
Drifting down to beautify the ground below
Carpets of white
Like a soft sheet spread
A place to sleep
To dream,
Then will I remember these days
Of quiet solitude
Of memories of now,
Of a sadness that permeates
The faces,
We walk in silence
Lost in our thoughts of yesterday
Of days when you were
Of the last word spoken
Of the soul now gone.
Like the flower that falls
As all someday will
We see the beauty that remains
Until we let it slip from sight,
Then we forget how they looked
Laying at our feet waiting
To be born once more,
Waiting for that moment to rise in the wind
And move from view
Into a new place
The sweetest hope is for a peaceful journey
For a comfort of those loved,
For a sun waiting to guide you
Walking your path alone,
We wait and remember
We hold on to the tears
And cannot forget

Thoughts on a very hard day filled with sorrow of a friend gone. Peace to you B.

Flashback 9-11-1984

I came across one of my first journal/poetry books that I kept when I was much younger….obviously not yesterday….and thought I would share the first one I came to…I am still laughing but at least I was writing albeit not very good…I hope you enjoy.

Whenever you need me
you’ll know where I’ll be-
If you have trouble
you’ll always have me-
I’ll give you my friendship
I’ll owe you my life
…..thank you for being my friend.
Whenever you want me
I’ll always be there
I’ll show how I love you
I’ll smile and care-
I really do need you
for me, you’ll be there
…..thank you for being my friend.

Do you still have your first pieces you wrote? How do you feel about them now? I have kept them, at times wanting to burn them, but ultimately they reside in a dusty place till brought out to the light to bring a smile and a thought of ‘Oh my God, did I write that drivel?” just kidding….maybe…