A quiet place

The silence of my thoughts
almost but not quite
I watch the sun shadows fade
my body a wound tight spring
slowly relaxed
no longer tight
at rest.
Gentle sea breeze blows
the palms lay shadow on the ground
and I breathe in and out
closing my eyes I lay
my head on this soft pillow
I give thanks
behind tired eyes
and remember the flights
the hurried airports
the cold to warmth,
and I am alive
and I can breathe this sun heat air
and I am at peace
in the now.
My minds thoughts heavy
slowly letting go
of the sadness of yesterday,
of the goodbyes never spoken.
I am thankful
and the sand beckons toes
to walk naked and find the cool
of water baptized in a new day
saved by the letting go
of going forward
of being.

4 thoughts on “A quiet place

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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