Like sugar

Life so very sweet
I walk the white sand beach
White sugar grains so delicate
And fine beneath my feet
Like a queen visiting the shores
Of some foreign land
Where sand meets water
Meets sun
Meeting sky
And they stand and watch
My knights at attention
Feathers in place
Eyes shining and bright
And they bow before flight
Swooping their tricks in the air
And feathers move about
In shallow waters
That move against my ankles
Warm and wet.
I walk here under a morning sun
That feels cool with the breeze
And my shirt of sky colors
Blows about my frame
Forward and back
Like ocean robes
I look into the distance and see
Blue shades
Hues of memory
Patterns of waves
King Neptune calling
His mermaid home
To the depths of the mind
Treasures locked in the chest
The heart beat
A drumming of life
To the waters rhythm
Of my days
Of reclaiming myself
And a simple peace.

Thoughts on a morning walk in Siesta Key where the sand is so very fine, like sugar ground glistening and warm in an island sun.

9 thoughts on “Like sugar

  1. the words are great – and that photo took my breathe away – the blue – and the different colored birds on the shore and then the wing span line design of the ones in flight – truly an amazing shot – wow! πŸ™‚ thx for this

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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