The Law of the Sun and Stars

Energy vibrates the sky
the humid air
the silent night
Darkness comes quickly
ocean tides moving in and out
I close my eyes to the movement
as I raise my hands to catch
the mist like stars
into me.
Looking into the atmosphere
air that hangs like spanish moss
and leaves take form
we see the same
yet not quite until trading places
we agree and smile
and I think we see that which we love
ghost apparition visiting
like a long-lost friend
watching over
Out of time and space
I turn my thoughts to better things
not fears
not sadness
and looking then down to the sea
the pillars lined and long
millions of fish pool in circles and shapes
and the fisherman says something is driving them in
not something you usually see
and I am blessed for below my feet
tiny silver sails swim in and out
like eternity moving
silently under
I watch in wonder
this moment
of now.

One thought on “The Law of the Sun and Stars

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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