Through plastic eyes
Inching along the fence
Searching for an opening
Into the realm of this eve,
Spectral lights beckon
As I remain in shadow
Feet kicking leaves
Laughter in the air
Somewhere close the owl shrieks
He hunts for prey
By the light of moon
And still I stand
They come closer
Those little souls so innocent
Ah yes, they come seeking
Searching for the treat
The candy to fill their bellies
The coin to fill their pocket.
They do not see me here
I am invisible to their vision
As they only see the door
And the bowl of pretty packages
Chocolate and wonderful things
They reach for it
Looking around in wonder
Where are the inhabitants
Who lives here in this spooky mansion,
Their fingers dipping into the bowl
To grab yet more,
But find the slime and eyes and worms
The scary things that feel so frightful,
Eeeew they scream
It’s on me
It’s touching me
What is this?
What trick is this they wonder,
You greedy beasts I say out loud
As I come from my shadows
With fangs dripping blood,
It is a treat for me
But a trick to you
I open my cape and swoop down
Barely touching the soft curls
On the princesses head,
She screams into the night
As she runs in such fright
Into the arms of the parent that waits,
Great job my friend,
What a fun scary moment
They will always remember
I beckon them to me with candy in hand
A smile dripping with strawberry jam
Ah sweet scary stories
I remember so well.

Trick or treat my friends
Watch out for the ghouls
Eat lots of candy
And I will take a Reese’s if you have any left.