Moonlight sonata of magic

I want to be here
under the starlit skies
in chairs of hues
like being on the moon
with feet on earth
and head in clouds,
perhaps a bottle of Pinot Noir
or two
tucked gently away waiting
as we speak of dreams
and music and
enjoy the mood
of magic moments
glowing in the light
that is life.
I close my eyes and slip away
into this peaceful neon place,
with friends invited
step on up
bring your smiles and joy
and we will sing
maybe dance
in this other worldly world
where there is no cold
no snow or ice
just blue moon seats waiting
for memories
and hints of night
under the midnight sky
glowing with moondust
and magic.

Jealous skies (morning awakening)

She climbs the horizon
Sweet flicker of morning
Painting the world in pink orange hues
Palms sway with the front moving
As she pushes up and above
The silhouette of trees.
I am still here
See me watching you through
The clouds that snag
On her pretty dress
Trying to hide her beauty
Jealous skies
Of grey white cloud
Winds whip the sand against bare legs
As I watch her bloom
Into her self
Of magnificence.
Do they see all that I do
Between words in the mind
And the sky above
Somewhere in the middle lies the truth
Of the here and now,
Of tomorrow’s that continue to miraculously come
Bringing their gift of the senses,
In time and space the stars tuck themselves away
As the sun goddess rises
To kiss the shore
And wash the day in sultry warmth
Heading home with the treasure
Of the moment
Of a jealous sky
Of another goodbye.