Ocean of stars on midnight blue
I shiver in this season of cold
That creeps like poison through tired bones
And I see a crown
And shapes within shapes
Standing below
The tiny lights
Like an actor weary at the end of a play.
These days pass by much too quickly
And though the breath hangs like fog
I cannot yet tear myself away,
Listening in the darkness
There is only silence
And the sound of my heart beating in my ears,
And I cannot but help to think
It is all for me,
This moment to reflect,
To ponder life out there
As I sit so tiny down here,
Just a mere speck of cosmic dust
That fell to earth a bit too soon
And I know that the rising sun
Will wash the night with its painted morning light
And for just this one moment
I can stand here
Below greatness
And live in the miracle
That is now.

In dreams

Ships move serene
Flowing on clouds suspended
Mind emptied of thought
Under the moon
Sleep comes easily.
Soul refreshed
No worries
No fears
Sailing through
Into a state of bliss.
Rocking ship of skies
Following in the wake
A thousand points of starlight
Translucent sparkles
Each thought a truth
Of all that will be
Universal dreams
Whispering through
Come to me
And guide the way
Into tomorrow.

Photo found on Facebook