Ghost of dream thieves

What lies unspoken
Between the words that come
And so very tired
The invisible thread of nothing
You are here
Throwing the world into confusion
Trapped between
Peace and another day.
Dream thief takes
What he will
What he can himself
No longer possess
And waking leaves the forlorn emptiness
Of something just beyond reach,
Here then gone
In a split second
I turned to say hello
And it was gone.
Each word slipping away
Into the abyss
Of yesterday and today,
Between life and death
And images glimpsed
Now merely shadows
And the hall is empty
Void of feeling
Of pain.
Eyes wide open
To clouds gathering
Blocking the light
Of my truest friend
White orb hidden
Covered and cold
Let sleep claim victory
Against the darkness
Surrounding the mind.

Thoughts on a tossing turning night, the spectral forms of those gone and the dreams that never fail seemingly disintegrated into emptiness.

Between worlds

Out there in the past
Fires burn
Lighting the sky
In a soft glow
Of warmth
Light filtered between
The silence of the heart
Of the ancestor that sits
Yet felt
In between worlds.
The sage crumbles
Turning black the smoke rising
Glow of ash
Blowing gently into
Thin air
Breathing in the night
Speaking words long forgotten
Letting go of everything
From with
Thrown to the sky
As the dream comes into
The sleeping mind
Nourishing with the riches
Of a peace between
Sleep and waking.