Just one of those days
Wake to see the clouds obscuring
My beautiful moon and stars….
Always a letdown
As to be out freezing
Robe wrapped tight for warmth
To gaze above
At zip.
Meander to the daily job
Police round the corner
Pulling the mean speedy truck over
Slow down and move around…
Car ahead swerving
Creature to be avoided
Just another
Lovely commute.
Lunch bell rings
Ah sweet soup to fill
The hungry belly
Black bean goodness
And green salad to graze,
So lovingly made
Open the top
Oh my….
Potato scraps meant for the dogs,
Will this chaos never end?
Maybe a day to go back
Start over fresh
But one more day to go,
And my Friday will zoom by
Like mean trucks and the sadness
Of a salad that sits home lonely
In the cold fridge
And the dogs snuggled on the couch
With no potatoes later for snacks…
Ah so comical I find through
Unexpected laughs
At life’s little chaos
With no do-overs left.

Photo fit the mood: running from the thingies….run kitty run.

13 thoughts on “Huh?

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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